Welcome to PSALA Spark Community!

One of PSALA’s themes this year is to increase member engagement. We have planned multiple events, both educational and social, for members to interact and network. In an effort to double-down on our member engagement efforts we have reignited our subscription to SPARK Collaboration. SPARK is a deceptively simple idea of randomly matching members of PSALA to set-up Randomized Coffee Trials (RCTs). RCTs pair members up for coffee within an organization, on an iterative basis each month with someone new. RCTs help individuals break out of their daily routine and build relationships with others across the organization to increase their collective value in PSALA.

When you register with the PSALA Spark Community, you will receive an email on the first of each month containing the contact info of another member of PSALA. Sometime during that month, you and the other member will contact each other to meet up for a cup of coffee, a meal, or just Skype to get to know each other.

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