Welcome to UnMentoring!

UnMentoring is open to anyone, although the primary audience is people passionate about public service transformation enabled through design and digital. If this is you or you want to connect to people in this space then sign up.

Its a voluntary opt-in/opt-out networking opportunity designed to help you connect with other people you may not normally meet. You are therefore randomly assigned somebody to have conversation with - it will then be down to the both of you to self-organise and agree a mutually convenient time. Remember that you are committing to speak to someone new every 6 weeks.

You are not obliged to talk about anything in particular, we would suggest you consider "Think, Do, Share" as themes to get you started.

People who participate will receive an email every 6 weeks containing contact information for the person you have been paired with from UnMentoring Network.

Good luck and have fun

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